CAS-2T CW Beacon 21:37 UTC

CAS-2T CW Beacon 21:37 pass , weak CW beacon signal  over Indonesia

CAS-2T CW Beacon -- CLICK for Enlarger
CAS-2T CW Beacon -- CLICK for Enlarger Image

CAS-2T a technical verification satellite for CAMSAT CAS-2 series amateur radio satellite , It is an 2U Cubsat and will not be separated from the final stage of rocket, so the orbital life may be 10 to 30 days since the final stage of rocket will be re-entry atmosphere.

Amateur radio payloads:
CW Telemetry Beacon:435.710 MHz
FM Transponder Uplink:145.925 MHz
FM Transponder Downlink:435.615 MHz
Launch vehicle: CZ-11(Y2) solid rocket
Launch time: 23:42, 9-Nov-2016
Epoch time: +620.615 seconds
Inclination degree: 97.400985 degrees
RA of node degree:
Eccentricity: 1.77E-4
Perigee degree: 328.206969 degrees
Mean anomaly degree: 198.226766 degrees
Period: 5685.564 seconds
Speed: 7607.496391 m/s
Longitude: 93.693693E
Latitude: 13.531945N


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