HiakaSat Beacon

UPDATE 2015-10-27:
The launch date has slipped. Possible launch dates now are  Nov 1 or 2.
The beacon will transmit every 15 seconds on both UHF and VHF frequencies.
  • Spacecraft Name: HiakaSat
  • Target Launch Date: Nov 1 or 2
  • Orbit: 415x490km, 94.7 degrees, Period of 93.6 minutes
  • UHF Beacon: 437.2705MHz (437.26-437.28 MHz), 9600bps GFSK 2W
  • VHF Beacon: 145.9805MHz (145.97-145.99 MHz), 9600bps GFSK 1W
  • Baseline Receive Equipment:
    • Ham Radio IC-9100 or IC-7000, ‘Data 2’ Port 9600bps FSK Output
    • MixW Software TNC in packet mode w/ VHF 9600bps defaults and TNC emulation, or Kantronics TNC using 9600bps FSK port
The Two Line Element Set will be provided once we have more information about the orbit insertion.


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